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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Open CV. A free course, a book, and Visual Logging.

I'm obsolete. I realize that. So I have to learn new stuff, and when it comes to image processing these days I guess a working knowledge of the OpenCV library is a necessity. This is a comprehensive open-source computer vision toolkit which is free for commercial use and runs on the Mac, Windows, Linux, and even iOS.

There are a ton of books about OpenCV. Here is one PDF link which seems fairly legit to a book called Practical OpenCV by Samarth Brahmbhatt.

While doing some net searches about OpenCV I found the pyimagesearch web site which belongs to Adrian Rosenbrock. It is dedicated to news about Python image processing and various AI image recognition applications such as image search. So I guess this guys is an image processing guru when it comes to web applications.  Adrian will send you free OpenCV lessons by email. Whether Adrian's lessons are good enough to keep up my motivation is something I will know in a few days.

And btw, running through Rosebrock's blog, I happened across a posting about the visual equivalent of printf debugging: logging images step by step to an html file. To achieve this, Rosenbrock explains how you use the visual logging library by Dimitry Chaplinsky. It makes perfect sense that one want to create such a log. Here is the screenshot of this article, I can't wait to try out the technique. 

UPDATE: The visual_logging library has now been added to the Python repos:

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install visual-logging


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