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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Resource: Easy Octave install for Mac.

Easy Octave install for Mac.

Many of the Coursera courses, including Andrew Ng's Machine Learning and Hinton's archived neural net course require Octave or Matlab.

The open source Octave program is a bit fussy to install on the Mac as it seems that a build process is required if you want a version with working graphics. However, under Linux it's easy to get a version that works very well, and even has a GUI.

So, what I've done is written configuration files for the VM packaging system Vagrant, and now you can easily install and run an octave server in a virtual machine. The VM can run graphics nicely on the Mac host.

My Octave on Mac instructions are here. Enjoy!

To use the VM well, you'll need to get used to Vagrant.  I found a nice introduction here. I will keep this page updated with additional tutorial material. 


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