Saturday, April 6, 2019

Deep NLP: Cute diagrams for LSTMs and Embeddings

I like to paint. In fact I have a whole insta filled with my sketches. Please follow! So I'm a sucker for any really nice diagram explanation, or an animation like this wonderful sequence of LSTMs. 

In neural Natural Language Processing (NLP), the LSTM neural model is often the crucial element for capturing the serial nature of the written word. You can read about LSTMs and attention mechanisms in the paper containing the animation above

Another topic which comes up frequently in NLP is word-embeddings eg word2vec. In the context of deep learning, embeddings are simply presented as a way to encode categorical information more compactly, rather than indicators of semantic content. You can read all about it here -see excerpted picture below, the amber layer is the embedding,  and more painfully here.

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