Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Keras - Google's intro tool for Deep Learning

Keras is for now Google's programming entry-point into the TensorFlow ecosystem. Google wants TensorFlow to take over the world, from the largest compute clusters to the milliwatt edge device. But TensorFlow itself is sort of a macro-assembler for a dataflow language where Tensors are first order, citizens shuttled between processing steps. 

Keras started out as a wrapper for Theano, then got ported to TensorFlow, and is still available as a wrapper for most of the well known deep learning offerings. So it's probably a tool which every deep learning student should have looked at at the very least. 

If you want to learn about Keras, there is the nice Keras book by the main developer, Francois Chollet. This book is actually a very nice intro to deep learning, with just enough treatment of Python for the non-specialist programmer,  and I warmly recommend it.

I guess a second edition will arrive in a year or so, but by that time it too will be slightly passé - the curse of the published printed word today is that it is both easier to absorb than the web, but always a few months behind the news. 

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